Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Hey, it's been way too long, but things with me have been hectic to say the least. So I figured I may as well throw some stuff up here to keep this page alive.

here's some lifedrawing I did a while back that people seem keen on. I was in need of something small to draw on and, since I always have dozens of bus transfers on me at any given time, that's what I used.

these are all 30 seconds to a minute.


Mr.Jack said...

Hey guys. Hows it goin m'kay?
Dude, bus transfer art is genius dude. I'm serious, I think it's crazy cool.
Really looking forward to seeing you're stuff but take you're time cuz I'll just keep on checkin.

milkyteets said...

i love how you did them on the back of a bus transfer, awesome, hahaha!

throw up some cartoon designs too!, I wanna see ur stuff man! (oh yeah... i should probably mention it's mike; dicks friend, we met probably twice. :P)

Dave said...

Awesome man! Glad to see you've posted these!

Lorraine said...

Ha ha bus transfers. Love it.

hallisb said...

thanks a lot for all the great comments folks. i've been letting this blog sit for too long since i've been without internet and busy working.

ushio18 said...

such a great idea! great drawings!