Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Holy crap! I'm still alive!

Hey, there. It's been an unforgivably long time since I posted those bus transfer life drawing poses. But I'm determined to keep on with art and this blog, despite not having a computer of my own, no internet on my roommate's computer (where I scan my drawings). So I'll be cobbling together my post using multiple computers until I can get my own and hook up some internet.

Adversity just steels my dedication!

so today I'll post some development sketches for various projects I'm working on as well as some random doodles. Nothing close to finished products, but hopefully hints and whispers of things to come.

above is a break down of a comic I'm working on. If you can figure out what's happening, you get a star. I stuck with pretty simple thumbnails just to nail down the pacing and the composition. At the bottom are a couple doodles of cover concepts, these ones being particularly cliched.

Here is an early style guide for the comic. Inky. Dark. Black and white. no gray. A little better attempt at a cover, but still rather cliched.

This here's the main antagonist of said comic.

Now for my other comic:

another break down.

Of course our super awesome protagonist has only a couple of design sketches so far. I'm having trouble capturing his wicked coolness.

One of his colleagues:

And another friend/complication to our hero's life:

and some designs for semi-recurrent characters:

I'm leaving all the characters and projects unlabeled for now because these projects are still in the early stages and I don't want to show all my cards until it's closer to completion. Not to mention a couple of things/characters are yet to be named.

Also, I've just updated my Ruby Gloom reel and it's been posted on Youtube.
This will have to do until Big Bad Boo releases the work I did for them on Mixed Nutz last year.


see you soon.