Monday, November 19, 2007

Hi There....


my name's Hallis (Hall-iss) Blaney (Blay-knee). this is my second blog, but i swear it'll be the first one i actually maintain. i'm an animator, classically trained, but i've worked with ToonBoom Harmony for a year and a half or so. i'd like to work in storyboards though. not that i'm done with animation.

here's some of my stuff from when i worked as an animator on the first season of Ruby Gloom. i haven't been able to get it to inbed the video, so i'll just put the youtube link.

i also did this too, little simpler, but kind of fun. unfortunately the sound doesn't sync at all in the youtube clip.

it's funny, i had to draw some new parts and change the rig to that dummy for that section, so miserabla's torso goes from proper palette to grayscale from scene to scene.

there's about 2 more minutes worth of scenes taken from two episodes that has some of my best work on that show. but i need to get better versions of them. i should have them up soon. i hope.